Taxi driver encounters ghost in Accra

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2016-10-26 15:59:25
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Taxi driver encounters ghost in Accra

Ghost or spirits exist but some do not mean harm but some are bitter and need prayers to leave the physical world and some are wicked and bad but cannot do anything to you because they are lost ; some are also denied the opportunity to see the bright light to live the physical world when they die and are made to wonder the earth until the appointed time before they depart the physical world ; those that are very bad spirits and have been denied the umblical cord to leave the physical world because they did or committed an unpardonable sin like sucide or killing somebody ; make no mistake !!!!!! your existance in this world is closely monitored with cameras ; anything you do whether good or bad you shall pay a price there are things out there that you never see with your eyes because they are not in the physical world dimension ; a lot of our parents or relatives who die are not dead spiritually ; they exist spiritually around us all the time and can see what we do but have no control over us ; those who have any doubts about Ghost or spirits should visit England or read about it ; there several documented cases which still exist today or visit very old cities in any part of the world including Cairo ; Paking and Rome and they many hear stories ; if they doubt the existance of dead sprits or Ghost there are Ghost hunting teams in certain building in London ; a ghost or a spirit knows the mind of a physical being and will only show his presence to any doubting 'Thomas'; Ghost or spirits do not mean any harm to any body ; they need help through prayers because they have lost that opportunityu from the physical world ; you need to pray for them anytime you feel their presence ; this taxi driver has done the right thing by calling a man of God to pray for the spirit of the man ; the dead man may be tormented and cannot leave the physical world ; he needs help through prayers ; do not forget we are not physical beings ; we were created from a spiritual dimension into physical beings and when we die we go back as spirits because all spirits and created in the image of the creator ;the creator is a spirit ; we do not belong here on earth ; we are just on on lifes journey and
belong in another dimension ;our first step is being physical and then when you die you seperate from you physical ; the soul you controlled by the spirit and the spirit is the ultimate because God is a spirit who gave out the soul and the physical ; nobody was created with as a bad physical being it is humans through GREED and Envy that creates a bad physical being ; all humans must abide by is the 10 commandments and pray to the Creator GOD so when you die you are not covered by darkness but are allowed to see the little holy light which leads to the holy brightness of existance again not physically but spiritual grace because nobody ever dies spiritually but dies physically besides there is no such thing as resurrection you are created live and fulfil your destiny if you do not you shall come to fulfil that destiny !!!!!!!!; DO NOT FORGET A MILLION YEARS DOES NOT EXISTANCE IN RELMS OD SPIRITUALITY .

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