Regional News Wed, 23 Nov 2016

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Vote against those who disrespect you - Nungua Mantse to Ga people

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Comment: NPP for Ghana!

Simple Mankind
2016-11-23 17:21:37
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Vote against those who disrespect you - Nungua Man

NPP for Ghana! Message: change ! We must come to power by all means necessary, including acid bathing , Sabotage to render the presidency of JDM incompetent and corrupt. Lies , deceptions, distortion of economic figures to make the country look bad and ungovernable will help us win this election. We must not trust the existing institutions, even including ourselves and the EC boss Charlotte. We must not trust anybody. Fake / false promises and distortion of economic figures to make President JDM look corrupt and incompetent , pepenis will do the trick. As we know, he has already done a lot of things, despite the fact we tried to Sabotage him at all cost for nine months of his election as president with pink sheets. Our theory was that nine months of challenging the legitimacy of his presidency would have paralyzed his presidency and perhaps , give us a chance of ascendency to our dreams being a president. We had also forecast that nine months pink sheets would have a psychological impact on his government and foreign investors as a whole. Depending on the supreme Court ruling, it would take him another year to start planning and governming. Our plans did not work! He came back to fix dumsor, Kwame Nkrumah Circle interchange, massive developments etc. This is not looking good. For us to be able to grab the presidency, we must use every means necessary including but not limited to : lies, deceptions, concocted false stories, make Ghanaians believe that their petty and otherwise solvable problems originate from the president. Violence, Sabotage, distortion of of economic figures shall be our tactics including all die be die message. Divergent and dissenting opinions are not to be tolerated, Nana Akufu Addo must be president by any means necessary! By all means necessary comrades and all Nana Akufu Addo and NPP followers, we are at war with evebody including ourselves and more especially with EC boss Charlotte Osei and and the institutions in Ghana. We must cry crocodile tears to win international sympathy even before the election. Doomsaying prophecy, fear mongering and intimidation shall be our tactics. You know what comrades, JDM is too much for us. Our one village one dam, one district one factory will not work for us because we cannot fund all these projects. But let's just say it to the electorate because we are desperately in need to be in power by all lies / be die message necessary. God bless you all

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Simple Mankind on Nov 23, 2016 17:21
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