Ibrahim Mahama collapsed UT Bank – Wontumi alleges

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Comment: Collapse of UT Bank

Nana Yaw
2017-08-21 19:55:56
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Ibrahim Mahama collapsed UT Bank – Wontumi alleg

Will someone tell this Wontumi man to just shut his mouth???? If Ibrahim Mahama is culpable in his(Wontumi's) assertion that he single handedly collapsed UT Bank, then I beg to say that the Bank Directors and top hierarchy are good for nothing bankers. Wontumi, stop this blame game. Ghana is now at the point where we want stability and development in peace and freedom. Let the report about the collapse of these banks come out from the Bank of Ghana/Government, before you start demonizing people. No more cheap shots from you. I am also an avowed NPP member and a patriotic Ghanaian for that matter. Let's do the right thing and wait to hear how these banks fell apart. It couldn't have been just one person collapsing the bank? Stop trying to score cheap political points. Yes, some former NDC officials in government and outside of government corrupted the system for their own gain. The truth will come out. I believe the Akuffo -Addo government is not witch-hunting. Corrupt cases must be verified and prosecuted accordingly. Wontumi, I hope you are as "clean" as a whistle. Otherwise when your day comes, I will personally champion the cause for you to be vilified and ridiculed for as long as it takes.

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Nana Yaw on Aug 21, 2017 19:55
Collapse of UT Bank