Responding to critics using your pulpit ungodly – Suhuyini blasts Otabil

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Comment: Arrogant and hypocrite Otabil.

2017-08-21 19:11:59
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Responding to critics using your pulpit ungodly

If you are poor or have nothing to show off you can't criticise Otabil . God's image now look like insult to Otabil. I am not surprised that he is using the same pulpit to insult Ghanaians since it has been used as political tool. Recently he call born again Christians "stupid and fools ". Otabil is now blaming devil for collapsing the banks not because he is incompetent. He said ghana will leap forward after he has collapse the banks. Fraudsters have sweet tongue and that is what Otabil is.

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DDT on Aug 21, 2017 19:11
Arrogant and hypocrite Otabil.