Responding to critics using your pulpit ungodly – Suhuyini blasts Otabil

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Comment: Suhuyini Blasts Otabil

2017-08-21 21:11:21
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Responding to critics using your pulpit ungodly

Suhuyini or Sunyani or whatever the name is, you sit on a platform provided by Radio Gold to dare Pastor Otabil yet decry his usage of his pulpit to respond to his critics! Where, in your warped estimation, would have been apposite for him to respond to His critics? For the likes of you who look like insults, Jesus called people, who so warranted it "fools"; sure that sounds like praise to you! To all intents and purposes Dr Otabil is entitled to say what he said. How many of those denigrating him for the collapse of Capital bank can employ just 10 people for only a year? Sunyani, if you can assuredly answer this then you may go ahead to dare the respected statesman.

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JSK - LONDON on Aug 21, 2017 21:11
Suhuyini Blasts Otabil