General News Fri, 3 Nov 2017

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Fulani violence: We’re losing confidence in Mininster – Group

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Comment: Kysd, be your security. aban is gone...

2017-11-03 12:26:38
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Fulani violence: We’re losing confidence in Mini

KYSD the government has gone fishing. Be your own security and fight for your communities. Move in groups and always plan an escape ruote. Never desert your market stalls, schools or daily activities, otherwise the fulani terrorists win. Organize yourselves in civil defense committres and learn some martial arts to defend your property, women and children. Tell the government if they do not act quickly you will vote against them. The laws are there, government lawyers know it, but they unable to act because some one high up has interest in the cattle raring, or its politics as usual. We do not have fulanis in Ghana, they are settlers who came from Nigeria, iNiger, Sierra Leone Guinea or Mali. They are playing politics with your lives. Resist the fulanis and take the fight to them, people. Our government has gone fishing in the Gold Coast. Its all lies. Fight back Kuwu manba.

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Igp on Nov 3, 12:26
Kysd, be your security. aban is gone...