Report on Ibrahim Mahama’s transactions with UT Bank skewed – Lawyer

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Comment: What a con artist

Last warrior
2018-08-13 11:32:22
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Sell the factory and pay off the loan

Is not that they not serious but they know there is a loophole in the banking sector so as to the agreement until they start operating which they are very aware it’s never going to happen that when they would pay turn it into bad debt FREE MONEY and in this situation it’s the bank that would loose but the money has already been shared.most people in Ghana are into such business they never worked for the money you see them driving big cars it’s all wagadrill and since there a lot of top officials involved it turns to be bad case cant prosecute them.

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Last warrior on Aug 13, 2018 11:32
What a con artist
CHRISTOKPAT OGUDU on Aug 13, 2018 14:15