Drivers refuse to pay tolls over ‘killer’ roads

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Comment: This is fake news

Kwasi Kwansa
2018-11-08 19:12:56
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Drivers refuse to pay tolls over ‘killer’ road

There is no such protest. I use the Tema Motorway everyday. Yes there is need for work on it, ;but I will not preach chaos because of that. It seems some people are eager to encourage chaos in the country. Ghanaians are wiser. If anybody has a case to answer, it is the past government which claims to have spent the gargantuan loans it contracted on massive infrastructure development; which is nowhere to be found. You want chaos, nobody will give you chaos. Soon you will have to tell us what the loans were used for. Papa Jay has said it all.

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Kwasi Kwansa on Nov 8, 19:12
This is fake news