Indiscipline & sheer recklessness cause of road deaths – Rawlings

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Comment: PRESSURE!

2019-03-23 06:05:10
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Indiscipline & sheer recklessness cause of road de

Papa J, try your best to avoid pressure because some of the roads you constructed even though not better than the Motorway are still being used whilst others constructed after you have gone through more reconstruction. Leaders that do not advance what they come to meet and yet we want to be a developed Nation. Now potholes have graduated to manholes and in addition to what you have observed is causing such a blunder. The next time you hear so called "Men of God" demanding we pray because Satan is at work. Practical problems that demand practical solution.
“Ghana Beyond AID”, some of us had thought it should be a progressive process whilst the others see it as a must. The reason is that it takes the Individual development to achieve that of the Nation.
With that notion, State’s resources should now be channeled to the education of the Citizenry and creating job availability after graduating. This is evidenced in the
Free SHS and NABCO programs. This has placed a responsibility on the Government of the day that it is no more reasonable to allow funds to go into guinea fowls program that ends up in Burkina Faso or shoddy roads construction that end up being reconstructed every four years as if to win election despite the inconvenience commuters go through.
The problem with this laudable idea is the education aspect. The need to look at it to serve our needs because the Originators did serve their own needs and we have as well become Colonial Masters on our lands thereby not serving the interest of our own people but that of ours and those behind it.
If your are the Governor of the Bank of Ghana and you are not thinking of acquiring the technology to print your own local currency but importing such commonly used commodity , then what is your beef about the “Ghana Beyond AID? The same goes to the Director of COCOBOD if we are still importing fertilizers instead of locally manufactured to supply our farmers and ensuring that almost all cocoa beans are processed into value- added products before export.
What about you at ECG if you are not making sure to get Pre-Paid Meter manufactured locally to ensure supply to every Tom, Dick and Harry?
Are you at the Ghana Water Company and the Country is enjoying free fall of rain and yet no attempt to harvest for future use?
Are you so called a “ Man of God” who thinks that instead of adding value to our raw materials for more foreign exchange and stability of the Cedi we should resort to prayers? Prayer is only means of communication between you and your Creator ; you need to go for the Manna before you eat. Practical problems are solved practically and so is economic problem.
We should not see this as a responsibility of the President alone and every Ghanaian must see the future ahead of us and forget about personal interest but that of the Nation. www.ebnanotech.com

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SEMANKOKA on Mar 23, 2019 06:05