Indiscipline & sheer recklessness cause of road deaths – Rawlings

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Comment: Well said. JR

2019-03-23 08:06:42
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Indiscipline & sheer recklessness cause of road de

Totally agree with him. Every day I see drivers overtaking on blind bends, ignoring traffic lights and just sheer careless driving. If you do try and overtake safely, a lot of drivers will speed up to try and block you. Most drivers treat the road as if it is a racing track, speeding through villages oblivious to the young children around. They feel invincible, as they know if they are stopped by the Police a small " gift" will see them on the way again. The state of the roads is also a consideration, but if patience and carefully driving is observed, these do not have to lead to such fatalities.

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Bob on Mar 23, 2019 08:06