Some Prophets in Ghana have no business with God; they are all occultic people - Prophet Oduro

Fri, 12 Apr 2019 Source: browngh.com

The Founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro has lambasted prophets who are into occultism and spiritualism.

According to the renowned man of God, most prophets in Ghana are occultic people or spiritualists who have no business with God but keep deceiving innocent people.

He indicated that most of them have introduced sorcery and magic in the Church.

According to the outspoken man of God, some started very well but have now turned into fake prophets.

He stated emphatically that God has instructed him to caution such prophets who have turned the Church into Shrines and perform fake miracles to desist from it else hell awaits them.

He cited examples of some of the prophets who followed worldly pleasures but are nowhere to be found now.

Prophet Oduro cited that some prophets like Katakyire Afrifa and Dito Dito rushed to acquire money and fame but are ‘missing in action’ now.

He disclosed that most Prophets in Ghana now are occultic people, Illuminati, freemason and spiritualist.

“Most of the prophets in Ghana are ex-anointed prophets. They have no business with God at this moment, they started very well in the name of the Lord but now they have turned into the prophets of Baal.

They are occultic people, Illuminati, they are part of the Freemasons. Sorcery, enchantment, the magic they brought it to church. So the person you knew to be a man of God actually now is a Spiritualist.

You may be sitting in a church but actually, you may be in a shrine. Our churches are turning into shrines and the Lord has ordered me to inform some prophets or they are on their way to hell. People like Katakyire Afrifa, Dito Dito got some money and fame but where are they now?”, he quizzed.

Prophet Oduro also lambasted men of God who have soiled the house of God by selling spiritual items in Churches.

“What is this madness that has come into the house of Lord? The church has now turned into shrines and it has been modified to make it look normal”, he added.

Source: browngh.com