Religion Thu, 30 Apr 2015

Young muslims fumes over formation of Sects

A group of young Muslims known as the Young Tijaniyya Muslims of Ghana has questioned the rationale behind the formation of different Islamic sects in the country.

According to the group, there have been rampant formations of different Islamic groups in the country that depict the high office of National Chief Imam.

The group statement issued in Accra on Tuesday signed by it secretary Alhaji Dan Gaskiya Al Haqq described the New Tijaniyya Movement as needless and without locus and challenged the office of the National Chief Imam to boldly come out and distance itself from such movement.

Currently, the statement said “Muslims communities in Ghana consists of three major secs includes the Tijaniyya, Alhu sunna (Sunni) and Ahmadiyya movements, and are all under the office of National Chief Imam of Ghana.


One could remember that few weeks ago a new leader (Zaeem) of Tijaniyya Movement of Ghana Sheikh Abdul Wadud Haruna was sworn into office in Kumasi during the 47th Annual Mawlid of Prophet Mohammed (S.W.S) without the blessing of all the ten regional Imams across the country.

According to the young Muslims, this new group and the leader was meant to over shadow the offices of the National Chief Imam and sort to creat parallel office of the existing one.

The young Tijaniyya group therefore urged all Muslim leaders, political leaders to refrain from unlawful activities that will plug the country in chaos.

The statement added that “this formation of sects within the Islamic doctrine is a recipe for chaos and agenda to drag the name of Eminent Chief Imam Dr. Nuhu Shaributu into disrepute”.

Source: Iddrissu A. Jara (Al-Hajj)