Rt. Rev. Stephen Bosomtwe Ayensu stripped naked

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Comment: Solve the problems

Nana K
2014-02-02 03:25:06
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Rt. Rev. Stephen Bosomtwe Ayensu Stripped Naked

Whenever someone writes in reaction to what another has said or written, I read carefully. In most cases the reaction is such as to paint the earlier person in bad colours instead of touching on the subject matter. Why is it that government support get jittery whenever people complain about the bad economy and corruption. The truth is that people are suffering. Actresses, radio presenters and even NDC supporters have complained. Why then strip someone naked for saying the obvious. In Doomso we spoke, when things improved we shut up. Let the goverent solve the problems so pastors, Imani, opposition will shut up.

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ohenenana on Feb 1, 23:44
Nana K on Feb 2, 03:25
Solve the problems