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Serie A, I'm back !! - Appiah

Black Stars captain Stephen Appiah has been unveiled by Italian Serie A side Bologna after being snapped up on the transfer market as a free agent.

The 28-year-old in an interaction with the press, expressed his readiness to fight for full fitness and break into the first team.

Below is extract of Appiah conversation with the press on Monday afternoon.

"Physically I'm very fine.In the past months I have worked very hard and I feel good physically. I alsoplayed many matches for in Ghana, both qualifying for the 2010 World Cup andfriendlies which is about 12 games. Now this is the time to start to work withthe Bologna team , as a professional and as I have always done and then thecoach will decide when it is appropriate to play me.

Will you play for your national team at the African Cup of Nations in January?

"Yes, I think I will playat the African Cup of Nations. I've already spoken to my federation about thisand we will reach a decision.”


What do you think about the Bologna team?

"Bologna is a very good team and over thepast one month I followed the team religiously except yesterday because I wastraining at that time. I like the teamvery much and there are players I already know here: Di Vaio, Guan, Viviano, Zalayeta" .

What is your fondest memory of the years when youplayed in Italy?

"The fact that Italians love me."

And where did you find better in all the teams youplayed in, in Italy?

"In all the teams I played. If I have tochoose one, then I say: Brescia. I played with Baggio, Guardiola (the currentcoach of Barcelona) and Matuzalem all helped me a lot."


In Turkey, at the time of Fenerbahce, you had amishap at the physical level.

"The first thing I can say is that I'm happyto be alive. I very bad thing happened to me. Two years ago a very difficultthing happened to me but I have put this behind me, recover quickly from thesebig problems. But now it's all over. "

What did you miss most during this long periodwithout football?

"As a man I am always ready to face all thethings that happen in my life but I couldn’t find the motivation even when Iwake up in the morning as I workout alone. When I see that there were playerswho I am better than and they are also doing their best and this motivated meto want to come back. I am a positive person, I am strong mentally and I canface anything.

Source: Ghanasoccernet

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