1.4m farmers, 1.3m students 367,121 teachers - NIA data reveals top 10 occupations in Ghana

GHANA CARD 750x375 The Ghana Card registration is being conducted in all regions across

Fri, 14 Feb 2020 Source: thefinderonline.com

Data gathered from the ongoing mass registration for Ghana Card by the National Identification Authority (NIA) shows that farmers are at the number one position when data is categorized into occupation of registrants.

8.5 million registered at February 8, 2020

So far, 8.5 million (8,512,320) Ghanaians have registered for Ghana Card as at February 8, 2020.

1.4 million (1,484,331) farmers

According to the data, 1.4 million (1,484,331) farmers have so far registered as at February 8, 2020, emerging as the highest occupation.

1.3 million (1,302,612) students

In the second position are students, with 1.3 million (1,302,612) of them registering for the Ghana Card so far.

791,760 Retail market traders

The third highest category of people that registered for the card are retail market traders, who numbered 791,760.

453,421 Unemployed

The data compiled by NIA shows that out of 8.5 million (8,512,320) Ghanaians registered, 453,421 are unemployed, and this places them at fourth position.

367,121 Teachers

The number of teachers who have so far registered for the Ghana Card reached 367,121 as at February 8, 2020, ranking fifth.

324,431 Businessmen/women

For businessmen and women who have registered for the Ghana Card, they amounted to 324,431, and this places them in the sixth position.

267,943 Tailors, dressmakers, sewers, upholsterers

For tailors, dressmakers, sewers, upholsterers and related workers, their total number is 267,943, and this puts them in the seventh position.

204,507 Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians

Ranking in the eighth position are 204,507 hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and related workers.

179,155 Retirees

The number of retirees who have so far registered for the Ghana Card amounted to 179,155, ranking in 9th position.

119,829 Bricklayers, carpenters, and other construction workers

The NIA data revealed that the number of bricklayers, carpenters and other construction workers is 119,829.

The NIA is yet to conduct registration in the Eastern Region.

The mass registration currently going on in the Central, Western and Western North regions would end on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

Source: thefinderonline.com
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