General News Wed, 31 Dec 2003

2004 New Year Victory message from NDC

On my own behalf and that of the entire membership of North America NDC, I say Happy New Year to the NDC, its leadership and the good people of Ghana, as we enter the epoch-making year 2004!

The promise and excitement that 2004 brings to Ghana is underscored by a greater determination on the part of Prof Atta Mills to lead NDC back to power and reclaim the seat of government from the failed Kufuor Administration. This unalloyed determination is evident within NDC, as the leadership and general members decide to work together everyday of the year 2004 in order to achieve total victory in the forthcoming December Elections. The NDC is now in a better position more than ever before to clearly put into action strategies devised over the past few years in opposition to mount a credible campaign that would lead to victory at the polls in December 2004.

The NRC (Nail Rawlings Commission) designed as a tool of the NPP to destabilize NDC, has fortuitously yielded unintended consequences: It has brought our leadership ever closer together. United NDC stands! NDC will wage a Holistic Campaign to topple Kufuor from power. NDC is determined to fight for the rights of Women and Children and above all the Youth, which is the future of the Nation. Education will receive appropriate attention.

The equivocation of Kufuor on Corruption, from his words of ?€œzero tolerance to degrees?€? of Corruption is unacceptable to the NDC. A future government of NDC led by Prof Atta Mills will tackle the root cause of Corruption and uproot that pandemic from our midst just as the former Government of Jerry John Rawlings uprooted Kalabule.

The renewed strength of the NDC is showcased by the caliber of the Flag Bearer, Prof John Evans Atta Mills who since his election has visited all 200 Constituencies in Ghana as well as all the NDC Chapters in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom and shared ideas with members, executives and floor members alike.

May the Almighty guide and guard Prof Atta Mills and the NDC and provide abundant wisdom to the good people of Ghana as the coming year unfolds and ends with the Elections of 2004.


God Bless Our Nation and all its people.


Ebby Koney Esq Chairman, North America NDC.