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2018 meQasa Property Expo connected potential investors and clients - Organisers

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Organisers of meQasa Property Expo 2018 say it was a great opportunity to connect potential property investors to their real estate clients.

According to meQasa, the event created space for the average Ghanaian investor to directly meet the real estate agents without going through any hustle.

Speaking to GhanaWeb at the end of the 3-day housing fair, Head of Marketing and Public Relations, Juliet Buntuguh said the expo served as the easiest way for potential property investors to buy or rent property in Ghana.

She said, "If you want to buy a medium price house, a home that you want to mortgage, invest in properties, the only place is to connect meQasa.com."

"We've had very exciting 3-day expo so far, we've had all our exhibitors really showing up what they have and can offer, patrons have been good making enquires and finding what they like," Juliet added excitedly.

She disclosed the intent of meQasa.com to organise another property expo come November which she believes would be an improvement upon this recent one as they have taken notice of their shortcomings.


The 3-day expo brought over 34 real estate developers together exhibiting their properties to potential property investors and owners.

Aside the real estate developers, the housing fair also brought together mortgage specialists and housing experts in the country to network and educate the public on making informed decisions when buying or investing in housing and real estates.

meQasa.com is one of Ghana’s online platforms where people rent, buy and sell properties, offering a user-friendly online marketplace mutually beneficial to homeowners/landlords, home seekers, real estate agents and developers alike.

meQasa is working toward an efficient housing search experience in Africa, primarily for prospective tenants. They aspire to be the source of reliable information on housing in Africa.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com