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2019 AFCON will not be easy for Ghana - David Duncan

Former coach of Kotoko and Hearts, David Duncan says the current crop of Black Stars players, do not have the experience of playing in the African terrain and it has made it very difficult to annex the trophy in the African cup of nations tournament.

Coach David Duncan observed the players who won the African cup of nations cup in 1963, 1965, 1978 and 1982 had the African experience, were very familiar with the terrain and were playing in their comfort zones,hence it was very easy for them to win the trophy.

He further said the current crop of players do not have the consistent requisite African terrain experience since most of them play professional football.

He also argued that Ghanaian clubs during that era, were very competitive in African Competitions. He cited the exploits of Hearts and Kotoko in Africa in those years ,and how vibrant the local league was,making it very impossible for the players to leave the domestic league.

"We have problems with transitions in our national teams. Nobody is putting in place measures,policies, infrastructures and structures that would help to develop Ghana football. Look,winning AFCON in the 1970s was very easy because the players had leaders in the team,they had the experience in Africa and were playing in their comfort zones,but you can't say that for these current players. Although these players we have now may be good, they are playing in the wrong terrain,the kind of terrain that does not make winning AFCON easy," he told Angel TV's Esther Abankwa.

Coach David Duncan called for the revival of the local league in order to make it more attractive.

The Black Stars will represent Ghana in the 2019 African Cup of Nations tournament which will take place in the Egypt in the month of June.

Source: Angel TV
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