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2022 World Cup: Popular Ghanaian photographer narrates how she was nearly raped in Qatar

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Thu, 1 Dec 2022 Source:

A Ghanaian female photographer, Senyuiedzorm Awusi Adadevoh, has disclosed that she was nearly raped in Qatar.

According to Awusi, the incident happened on one of the days when she was walking home alone since her usual companion had left early.

She added that she is only sharing her ordeal to ensure that no visitor who has travelled to witness the World Cup goes through what she experienced.

“I always travel with somebody, but with this particular tournament, I have had to come alone. But I have been working with a friend. Yesterday, she did not have two matches; I had two matches, and she was tired, and so she left.

“So, I was getting back home at about 2 a.m., and I saw a young man from afar, an Arabic young man in white, maybe between 17 to 20 years. And I saw him smile, and he went back into a house … and by the time I reached his house, he had come out and greeted me.

“He extended his hands, and I shook (him) – he was a young guy, but he was way taller and bigger than me. And then he just said ‘I want to do the sex’. So, I tried to pull my hand and he just grabbed me and said ‘I say I want to do the sex’,” she narrated in a Facebook live post which was monitored by GhanaWeb.

Awusi said that despite all her efforts to free herself, the Qatari man was still holding on to her, saying, “don’t worry, don’t worry, I will pay you, I will pay you good.”

She said that the incident left her shocked and confused because she was afraid of being raped and losing her equipment, which was worth over €30,000, but she eventually managed to free herself.

The journalist urged Ghanaians and other nationals who are visiting Qatar for the World Cup to make sure that they are always travelling in pairs.

She also urged the Qatari authorities to warn their citizens against engaging in such acts.

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