275 Buses: Touch Freddie Blay and see what will happen - NPP Man to Volta Chiefs

Freddie Blay 32 Freddie Blay is National Chairman of the NPP

Sun, 19 Aug 2018 Source: Daniel Kaku

A Former First Vice Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ellembelle Constituency of the Western Region, Mr. Michael Mensah popularly known as Teacher Michael has warned that chiefs in the Volta Region would risk counter-attacks if they dare launch an attack on National Chairman of the party, Mr. Freddie Blay.

His comment follows the declaration of Freddie Blay as an 'unwanted' person in the Region by the Asogli Traditional Council.

On Wednesday, August 15, 2018, the NPP National Chairman, Freddie Blay was declared 'unwanted' in the Volta Region by the Asogli Traditional Council made up of 33 traditional areas in the Region.

This follows Mr Blay's failure to apologise after he reportedly slighted Togbe Afede XIV, President of the Asogli Traditional Council and the National House of Chiefs.

The Traditional Council, at a news conference addressed by Togbe Koku Ayim V, Paramount Chief of Ziavi, described the conduct of Mr Blay as "gross misbehaviour," and that the Council could not guarantee his safety in the Region".

The Council said Mr Blay had "unfairly misjudged, unjustifiably employed misguided statements and intentionally insulted the integrity and personality of Togbe Afede," though he married from the Traditional Council.

Togbe Ayim said the "insults are indirect attacks on chiefs of Eweland," particularly when calls by recognised bodies for apology went unheeded. Commenting on the Asogli Traditional Council warning to Freddie Blay on social media Friday, August 17, the NPP activist said if they attack Freddie Blay in Volta Region then they will also revenge on the Ewes in Nzema.

He opined that Mr. Freddie Blay doesn't owe anybody apology and will never apologize to anybody.

"They should go to hell. No apologies will be rendered. Chiefs are not supposed to do politics. You accused someone of corruption and when you are replied you say you are a chief and so what?" he wrote.

He added that Freddie Blay is also a royal and could be installed as a chief but due to his political career.

"Which is more grievous? Accusing someone of being CORRUPT and saying what you said is a palm wine seller talk? Freddy BLAY is also a royal. Had it not been politics, he would have been enstooled as a CHIEF OF SUPOM DUNKWA", he emphasized.

He, therefore urged Togbe Afede to seek compensation in court if felt unhappy and stop threatening Freddie Blay and added Freddie Blay is also a breadwinner for people in the country especially some youth in the Volta Region.

"If Togbe feels hurt the court is there to seek compensation. He's not serious about what he and his cohorts are saying. You pay a few of your subordinate chiefs to come and rant about apology. Is it by force. See how the EWES working at Daily Guide are also blasting Togbe for threatening FREDDIE who has given them jobs. Every body is protecting his breadwinner. Any attack on Freddy is a direct attack on their jobs and life", he said.

He inquired from Togbe Afede what he was demanding from Freddie Blay and reminded him that he should not forget that there were several Ewes in Nzema and if Freddie Blay is being attacked in Volta Region, Nzemas would be attacking Ewes in Nzema.

"What does Togbe want from Freddie. He is not aware of the numerous EWES in NZEMA, else he wouldn't have initiated that threat. Just at the tip of Freddy BLAY nose are the EWE settlers in EIKWE and SANZULE -BAKANTA. WE WILL REPLY THEM WITH EQUAL FORCE", he warned.


The NPP national chairman was reported to have described as ‘palm wine business talk’, comments made by Togbe Afede regarding Mr Blay’s purchase of some 275 buses for constituencies ahead of the party’s national delegates’ conference in Koforidua.

Togbe Afede, according to reports at a recent national house of chiefs meeting in Kumasi questioned the propriety of such a gesture, noting that it could be a ground for corruption.

Mr Blay in response, questioned if Togbe Afede, a chief, and a businessman, made his money as a palm wine tapper, which angered members of the Asogli State, who had earlier issued a statement to demand an apology from him.

Source: Daniel Kaku
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