3 things that can transform Zongo communities in Ghana - Expert reveals

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Wed, 12 Oct 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The Founder of ZongoVation Hub, Mahmoud Jajah, has stated that there are three main things that can totally transform Zongo communities in the country.

Speaking on GhanaWeb’s sociopolitical programme that focuses on the facts about issues that matter to Ghanaians, the Lowdown, he explained that there is huge potential in the Zongo communities that can be enhanced through these three pillars.

“Education is supposed to give you a new perspective about your society and that’s why this time around, we have a lot of people from the Zongo communities pursuing higher education and I always tell them that, ‘Let your education reflect in the way you live in a society.

“Education is the key, but I always use three things. I believe strongly that if we are to focus on these three things, we’ll be able to transform the Zongo communities within the shortest possible time.

“One is education – we need to educate more of our young people. Two, is sports – sports is big business and it is one of the easiest ways we can get more young people out of poverty, and then three, is technology – technology is like a miracle and that is where my focus is because among these three things, technology is the easiest which can make a lot of impact,” he stated.

Mahmoud Jajah also explained some of the reasons he believes that Zongo communities are getting better by the day, gradually correcting the erroneous misconceptions people have had about them for a long time.

Watch the full interview as he sat down with host of The Lowdown, Ismail Akwei, below:

You can also watch this episode of People & Places on GhanaWeb TV:


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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