General News Fri, 29 Nov 2002

30,000 laid off from timber industry

Over 30,000 workers of sawmills constituting about 25 per cent of the total labour force of the timber industry have been laid off due to liquidity problems facing the industry.

The liquidity problems are said to be the effect of the astronomic levies and taxes imposed on the industry.

A survey conducted by the GHANAIAN TIMES on the state of the timber industry in the Ashanti Region revealed that most of the sawmills have either virtually folded up or have sent home a good number of their work force in order to survive.

Both the Ghana Timber Millers Organization (GTMO) and the Timber and Woodworkers Union of the TUC have expressed grave concern over the lay-offs and the dwindling fortunes of the timber industry and accordingly made persistent appeals to the government to review the levies and taxes to help stabilize the situation.