General News Tue, 20 May 2003

31st DWM Is Back!

The vociferous one-time powerful red beret ladies of the 31st December Women Movement who propagated the revolutionary philosophy with zeal and articulated the NDC agenda with power but went underground after the party's electoral defeat in 2000 are out in arms again to mobilize and fight for victory in 2004 elections.

The red beret ladies who stormed the ROXY Cinema hall at Adabraka in Accra last weekend wearing T-Shirts with inscriptions such as ''Total Liberation by any means'', ''No monkey Business'' among others, had simple message for Ghanaians: "People of the land don't be afraid for we have the men and women to save you." The event was a ceremony to award 700 cadres in the Klottey-Korle Constituency for their dedicated, commitment and resilient to the revolutionary and NDC political philosophies.

A former Member of Parliament for the Constituency, Mr David Lamptey affirmed the party's support for the law on willfully causing financial loss to the state.

''The law must be maintained in the status book to serve as legal, political and moral yardstick to measure all office holders, especially politicians and other political office holders and also serve as deterrent to Ghanaians in general,'' he told the cheering NDC gathering. Mr Lamptey who was making his maiden public appearance on a political platform after the 2000 parliamentary elections consoled NDC members over the prosecution of its former ministers of states and other government officials.

He said, "we should develop a very big heart to accommodate and tolerate all the fury attacks of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and other political detractors meant to break our front, remember that we were born out of a revolution, strengthened by the process and matured into a democratic political giant." The Former MP who was addressing members of the Progressive Voluntary Organisations (PVO's) for their dedicated, commitment and resilient to the revolutionary and NDC political philosophies appealed to all Cadres to come back home and mobilize for the battle ahead.

The ceremony was attended by Association of Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (ACDR), 31st December Women Movement and other PVO's. The Cadres were presented with certificates and citation, while 11other organisations were also presented with wall clocks. He restated that the NDC is against corruption and said the "wheels of justice will turn soon" to expose the truth and those who are corrupt and have cost financial loss to the state.

He said in as much as the NDC admits that it is made up of human beings, who cannot all be perfect, he also believes "the so-called angels prior to elections in 2000 have exposed themselves only two years in government." Mr. Lamptey expressed regret that the NPP government does not find it worthwhile mentioning some bold efforts of the former NDC government to improve the system but only picks on situations that suit them to castigate the party.

He accused the NPP government of mismanaging the economy, which has resulted in poverty, unemployment, diseases and hunger.

Source: Network Herald