General News Mon, 22 Oct 2001

31st DWM Media Onslaught

The last couple of weeks have seen febrile activity by the 31st December Women's Movement on the media scene. Their president has sped through a blitzkrieg of television and radio campaigns to put her movement's case across. So much was she in need of media exposure that she had to crawl to David Ampofo for the privilege of appearing on his talk show programme, "Time with David" on TV3.

David Ampofo himself must be enjoying the true manifestation of the adage of "He who laughs last, laughs best", for his original programme, which should have aired on GTV a couple of years ago, was spiked under most mysterious circumstances. Later, when no coherent explanation was forthcoming for the spiking of the programme, it was learnt that the president of the 31st DWM and her husband had a hand in it. For some reason, Mr. Ampofo was said not to be in their good books and so they showed him where power lay by putting pressure on GTV not to air his programme.

Today, he hosts the extremely popular "Time with David" and even the DWM could not miss its allure and had to send their one time powerful president to sit before Kind David!


According to reports reaching The Accra Mail, her appearances on "HOT ISSUES", "TIME WITH DAVID" and PEACE FM had a ring of desperation. Part sneering (Hot Issues), part wheedling (Time with David) and part apologia (Peace FM), she left no doubt as to her desire to circumvent the demands of probity and accountability, but in typical Law of Karma fashion, she's already been caught in the web and the more she twists and turns, the more entangled she gets. Her television and radio antics yesterday drew a sharp rebuke from the ruling NPP's Women's Wing, which is reproduced in full, below.

The Accra Mail has also received more information on the involvement of the DWM's cash benefits from a number of District Assemblies between the years 1999 and 2000. An official of the Ministry of Local Government, when contacted for confirmation, only said, "This is only part of the tip of the ice berg."

Those figures are reproduced after the NPP Women's Wing statement.

Source: Accra Mail