General News Thu, 15 Nov 2001

$4 Million For MP Cars Is Not Excessive -J H Mensah

....Parliamentarians To Get Cars After All Senior Minister, J. H. Mensah, has assured Members of Parliament that government remains committed to providing them with vehicles, which will help them do their jobs and become even more efficient. Speaking in parliament, Mr. Mensah, who is also the captain of the government’s economic team, appeared to have told the MPs to ignore statements attributed to President Kufuor, which suggested that providing vehicles for the MPs was a secondary issue.

In the heat of the recent public outcry against a proposal to provide MPs with 20 thousand dollar loans for the purchase of vehicles, President Kufuor’s spokepersons issued a statement announcing that the President’s main priority was to supply vehicles to the Police Service. The leader of the government economic team now says that a total of four million dollars will be mobilized to provide the vehicles for the MPs.


In the words of Mr. J. H. Mensah “finding four million dollars to make the MPs mobile is not excessive”. Dismissing the public outcry against the loans for MPs, Mr. Mensah said he would not like to be seen riding to his constituency on a bicycle with his wife.

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