General News Fri, 9 Mar 2018

42-kilometer walking teacher exposed; rides to school every day

Ghanaians woke up last Wednesday to the ‘strange news’ of how a classroom teacher walks a total of 84 kilometers to his school in the Tolon District of the Northern Region to teach.

This came to light after teacher in question, one Mr Kombian Awudu was rewarded with a standing fan by the Tolon District Assembly for his commitment to work during the 61st Independence Celebration in the district.

Awudu Kombian, according to the report, had been serving as the only teacher for the Warvi D/A primary school for several academic periods which implies walking a total of 84 kilometers daily since the day he was posted to the area.

Many doubted the claim of the teacher considering the stress one has to go through in walking such a distance daily.

It is emerging that the teacher was economical with the truth over claims he makes such a distance on foot leading to him receiving a standing fan as a reward.

A female colleague who spoke to MyNewsGh.com on grounds of strict anonymity revealed that Kombian rides to and from school daily indicating that she was shocked that on the Independence Day such a claim was made.


“I am also a teacher in the school and I can tell you he rides a motorbike to school every day. Where he lives is not even up to 10 kilometers from here”, she revealed.

Ghanaians social media users have expressed shock about the story with sections questioning the truth regarding the 42 kilometers distance.

Many are now taking it upon themselves to calculate how long the distance is and the time it would take for him to make the walk and back daily.

MyNewsGh.com is unable to as yet confirm, whether the 42km distance is a ‘creation’ of someone or that the teacher, one Mr Kombian, does actually walks that distance twice daily.

Meanwhile, the reporter who wrote the story, Eliasu Mohammed Tanko has denied any wrongdoing indicating that he initially questioned the authenticity of the claim made by the teacher.

In response to attacks he said:” “At this point, let me say that writing the story, I was emphasizing on the reward though I know that there is no “road” anywhere in the district leading to the community. There are only deplorable “paths” and the popular route to the Warvi community is through communities in the Kumbungu district.”

Source: mynewsgh.com