General News Tue, 20 Aug 2013

7 SHS students pregnant in one school

Information reaching The Independent over the weekend said, seven students of Abakrampa Senior High School (ABASS) in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese (AAK) District of the Central Region are currently pregnant with a teacher cited to have impregnated one of them.

The name of the tutor remains hidden as management of the school has mounted a search for him and other men who have impregnated the girls.

Sources say the pregnant students are in forms one and two, and aged between 17 and 19 years.

Parents of the pregnant school girls have been invited to meet the management of the school, so see the way forward for the case and the future of their wards.

Briefing The Independent, one source said, the pregnancy became known to the head of school, Reverend Emmanuel D. Kamasa, who visited the students in their homes after a tip-off that they were pregnant.

His purpose was to ascertain the truth in what he heard. True it was, and the reverend minister was quite mesmerized, a source said.

The Abrakampa Senior High School is gradually gaining notoriety in teenage pregnancies as a similar incident happened some time ago, in which the school’s authorities were accused of trying to cover up.

‘Hard to doubt’ documents available to The Independent indicate that, just last year May, 2012, a tutor by name Isaac D. Akwando was accused by two female students (names withheld) for having sex with them in his residence outside the school.

According to one of the students, Mr. Akwandoh attempted to forcibly have sex with her upon which she refused with a shout, only to receive a slap from her teacher.

The helpless girl’s refusal led to her panties and brazier being torn apart as Mr. Akwandoh forced his hand into her vagina and pulled off her pants.

According to a report of a six-member investigative committee, another victim admitted that Mr. Akwandoh who was in a ‘boxer shot’ at the time of the incident locked his doors, closed the windows, and kept the keys in his pocket with a threat that, if she refused sex, he will deal with her in exams.

The investigative committee, however, recommended to school authorities that, Mr. Akwandoh should be relieved from any duties while students were cautioned to desist from visiting the homes of their masters.

In an interview with Rev. Kamasa, he denied the allegations saying "it’s not true, and that a committee has been set up to investigative that matter and a report will be sent to the Regional Education Directorate".

Mr. Akwandoh was still at post (at the time of going to press).

The situation has created fear and anxiety among female students of ABASS as they are beginning to lose trust in the morality of their male teachers.

Source: The Independent