7 reasons why the Accra Sports Stadium is the best date spot for Val’s Day

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Fri, 14 Feb 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Vals, now chocolate day in Ghana is met every year with mixed reactions. There’s those who will raise hell if their partners fail to ‘surprise’ them with gifts, and there’s those who really don’t mind, for them, the day is just another ordinary day.

It’s however undisputed the fact that celebrating, for those who choose to, must be done well, and with a touch of class.

Romantic ideas for the day? There are several of them, mostly overused; a romantic dinner for two, a surprise package, a movie night, etc. but then, the thought behind it, they say, is what mostly counts.

A date in a huge space, with one’s own itinerary, is definitely an idea to consider, maybe one that may not ordinarily cross the minds of people.

But here’s why we think it will be an ideal place for a romantic date idea this Val’s day.

1. Don’t want your girl to cheat

Leaving your partner at home to go and watch football can be tricky mostly because after you leave the stadium with joy, you are likely to come home and find that your partner is away. Although you may believe your partner is so faithful, such a day can leave much to be desired. In other cases your partner would not want to be left out in the fun as most friends are likely to invite her out and she can’t resist being left alone. So to be on a safer side, you may want to take her to the stadium to watch the game together.

2. Its a place to have romantic chats

The stadium is a place where couples can sit and have romantic conversations whiles they watch the game. Partners can also patch up their long-term quarrels which has set them apart from each other. It’s more fun when partners support either the same club or different clubs since it either ignites love or gives the opportunity to tease each other respectively. However, it’s also a good time to initiate intimate talks for arousal.

3. It’s something new

Do something differently, wear a jersey instead of joining the archaic ‘red and white’ dress, be at the stadium instead of going for a church event, a musical show or a dinner out. These things have become so common and it’s now time to conform to the new normal. You can’t be doing the old things and expect improved results. Be the pacesetter and lead the pack of earning three points at the stadium and at home.

4. Meet new people

For those who are single, going to the stadium to watch the match is a great opportunity for you to meet new people and socialize. You will get to meet new people who you share similar interest with and would help you bond better. There are ladies who love watching football and will follow their relatives to watch the game so you can be lucky to meet them. For all you know, you could sit beside your missing rib in the stands and just ‘Hello or Hi’ will be the reason why you will walk down the aisle in the next few months.

5. Watch Wendy Shay perform plus Free Chocolate

This is one of the most important reasons why you have to be at the stadium. Legon Cities the leaders when it comes to entertainment have invited Ghanaian Musician Wendy Shay to serenate the night for couples. The new babies will host their loud neighbors Great Olympics at the Accra Sports Stadium. In addition to the entertaining music and football, the team has promised to share free chocolates during the match.

6. Surprise / Propose to her

How about if I tell you that you could propose to your partner at the stadium. Well it’s so easy. Just pre inform the match announcer ahead about your intentions to surprise your wife to be and you could get the needed attention to do what you want to do. To top it up, you can also get a bonus if the cameras captures you so you let the whole world know how much you love your spouse.

7. Save Money

Why waste money on a single date when you can save enough money for stuff ahead. It doesn’t cost much to watch football at the stadium, for as little as GHC 40 cedis for tickets for two couples can have the best time ever. There’s a lot to drink and handy foods to eat to get the night going whiles watching the match.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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