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A-G should be treated as a whistle blower- YWCP

Alhaji Naziru, Coordinator for the NDC Youth With Conviction and Principle (YWCP) has called on President Mills to begin investigations into the allegations made by the Attorney General, Martin Amidu, about what he says are malicious libels by a section of the National Democratic Congress against his competence and reputation.

The Coordinator for the NDC YWCP says the government should not condone the Attorney General¹s claims but rather set up a committee of enquiry to ensure the culprits are sanctioned and appropriate punishment meted out to them.

He explained that what the Attorney General sought to do is to unearth the corruptible practices within the party and so called on President Mills to ³salvage² the party. He continued that the Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Martin Amidu, has shown courage in exposing such practices and should be seen as a ³whistleblower².

³Martin AmiduŠall that he has done is to be a whistleblower. Maybe the President and leadership of the party might not be aware of certain happenings. He has exposed them; he should be treated as a whistleblower.²

Alhaji Naziru in an interview on Xfm¹s Big bite morning show on Monday January 16, 2012, said the Attorney General¹s report which alleged that a Minister of State and some media houses have devised dubious means to taint his reputation should be a wake-up call to the government.

A section of the Attorney General¹s report on January 12, 2012 read ³I wish core members and supporters of the NDC who cherish the principles and ideas upon which the party was founded to know that the attacks against me which started in the Daily Post publications of the 3rd January 2012 were planned by a colleague Minister of State, who perceived that my integrity and professionalism as a lawyer was a threat to the concealment of gargantuan crimes against the people of Ghana in which they might be implicated. An alibi was consequently created on 30th December 2012 to unleash the gullible section of the NDC press on me by the leakage of official documents from my ministry through the perverse section of a rented NDC press to the pubic beginning the 3rd of January 2012.


That has back fired because the leaked official documents by the Daily Post; the Informer; the National Democrat; the Ghanaian Lens; etc have rather inadvertently supported my honesty and integrity in public office and my call for the prosecution of criminals regardless of their political party colorations or their social status.²

The Attorney General¹s release has since caught the public eye as a number of people, and some pro-NDC newspapers and party officials have descended heavily on him and others calling for his resignation.

Though the government has not yet revealed her stance, Alhaji Naziru says the calls for Hon. Martin Amidu to resign from the Attorney General¹s department do not uphold the party¹s bedrock of Probity, Accountability and Social Justice.

He described those firing salvos at the Attorney General as ³wolves² who do not have the interest of Ghana at heart.

³Šanyone who thinks or calls for the head of Martin Amidu on the basis of his courage and revealing such alarming situation in government and in party is a wolfŠ²

He further stated that government should step up her game and make sure the miscreants face the rigors of the law.


Touching on the infamous Woyome judgment debt controversy, the YWCP coordinator said the youth do not expect ³anything to be swept under the carpet² and therefore, in pursuit of justice, appealed to President Mills to ensure that punitive measures are taken against culpable entities.

³What we quickly seek to achieve by the press statement we released is to call on the President, His Excellency John Evans Atta Mills to rise to the occasion and salvage our great and dear party, the NDC, before matters get out of hand on this Woyome issue.

³President Mills must show leadership now; this is the time for NDC leadership to practically demonstrate its commitment to the party¹s core principles and values. We therefore do not expect anything to be swept under the carpet at the expense of transparency in the supreme interest of Ghanaian people.² he said.

Story by Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi/Xfm 95.1/Accra/Ghana

Source: Xfm 95.1