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Abuga Pele answers critics

Accra, March. 13, GNA- Mr Abuga Pele, Member of Parliament for Chiana Paga, in the Upper East Region, has asked the constituents to join hands with other loyal members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to maintain the strength of the Party in the Constituency. He said any attempt by the former Constituency Chairman of the Party, Mr Ben Akara and his friends to remove him as the MP for the area would only serve the interest of the New Patriotic Party, which is the second strongest party in the Constituency.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Wednesday, Mr Pele said he had spread development projects in the three zones of the Constituency, and the only way to continue with such programmes was for the people to renew his mandate to represent them in Parliament. He debunked the view held by a section of the constituents that he had concentrated development projects in Paga, adding that "Paga alone cannot help me win elections.

"Cross-constituency support is what has kept me in Parliament for the past three terms."

The MP, who was reacting to calls by a section within the NDC in the constituency to step down for Mr Rudolph Amenga to take over, said Mr Amenga only joined the party four months ago and had still not resigned from the People's National Convention (PNC). "By extension, Mr Amenga is still a member of the PNC, and by the NDC constitution, a member must at least be active in the party for two years in the constituency to qualify to stand as a MP". Mr Pele said Mr Amenga, having being nominated by some party members failed to turn up at the party's executive meeting for vetting on March 5, 2008, and the Executive re-echoed their position that he (Mr Amenga) was not known as an active member of the Party within the last two years.

An active member is a registered member of the Party, who takes part in meetings, rallies and has fully paid his dues.

Mr Pele said he had the overwhelming support of the Party members, who have expressed confidence in him and still wanted him in Parliament. "I have performed very well during the last three elections, where I won by a margin of more than 70 per cent. I know the constituents are very grateful for what I have done so far and will vote for me to represent them in Parliament."

He listed a number of development project undertaken in all the three zones of the East, North and West Zones The East Zone comprised Sirigo, Niriga and Kandiga; the North, Paga, and the West, Chiana, Katiu, Kayero and Nakong.

In the East Zone, Mr Pele said he had ensured that the only Junior Secondary School- Sirigo High School, survived, as he had paid the examination fees for all final year students since the last six years. Also, all the villages in the East Zone were provided with electricity through his intervention, and also saw to the construction of culverts on the Kandiga- Nariga road.

In the West Zone, the Chiana Paga MP said Katiu and Kayero had been provided with electricity and the Chiana Senior High School given computers and furniture.

Mr Pele spoke of his support through the MPs share of the Common Fund, under which he used at least GH¢1,100 to support Chiana students at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Mr Pele said the attempts by Mr Ben Akara, who describes himself as holding the position of General Secretary of the NDC, "would cut no ice" since such a position did not exist. He said Mr Akara had resigned as former Constituency Chairman in 2004 to contest him at the primaries, but later pulled out when members of the constituency overwhelming expressed their confidence in him (Pele). 13 March. 08

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Source: GNA