Achimota School saga: Prominent Rastafarians who have spoken on the matter

Blakk Rasta, Samini, Ras Kuuku, Reggie Prominent Rastamen Combination photo (L-R) Blakk Rasta, Samini, Ras Kuuku and Reggie Rockstone

Tue, 30 Mar 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Since a Rastafarian parent, Raswad Mankrabea, posted the news of Achimota School’s refusal to grant his son admission because of dreadlocks, the matter has seized attention from social media through to the human rights space and gone as far as to parliament.

A number of prominent Rastafarians have weighed in on the matter, calling out the school for denying a child the right to education and bemoaning the seeming complicity of authorities who they believe must call the school to order.

In this article, GhanaWeb chronicles views advanced by prominent Rastafarians on the matter which remains unresolved even though the Ministry of Education has given assurances through the Minister that the Ghana Education Service will soon communicate a firm position on the matter.

Samini’s March 24 post

Musician Samini is known to rock his dreadlocks for years now, he won’t be left out of the discussion despite coming late to the party. He posted a long piece with his thoughts on Facebook, which post contained questions, observations and a call to action.

An excerpt is produced below.

“Been observing this Achimota School-Dreadlock drama for a minute. Here’s my take. Rules are rules. The many responsible men and women we see out there have all been shaped and fashioned by various rules, regulations and guidelines either from the home, church, community and in many cases, school.

“But have all these guidelines, rules and regulations been truly helpful? Are some still relevant in this new age?

“I must admit I find it strange that in 2021, someone’s rights to education are being questioned over the “construct” of his hair. Not his intellect, not his ability to become a national asset in the areas of Arts, Maths or even the sciences...his HAIR!

Blakk Rasta

Radio presenter and musician, Blakk Rasta was on the issue as early as March 19 when he posted two tweets: "The headmistress at Achimota School refusing admission to Rastas is herself wearing fake, Peruvian hair.”

"You even accept those dirty, horsetail wigs your colonialist-minded judges wear.. The natural Rasta hair you abuse. Fake country! You deserve re-enslavement!" was his second.

Blakk Rasta was back on the matter six-days later when he hit back at National Association of Graduate Students, NAGRAT, Angel Carbonu who called for Rastafarians to build their own schools.

“Listen to the garbage that this idiot of a NAGRAT President is spewing […]. These are the same people who become terrorists in the future; they have no tolerance for anybody.

“These are the people you see with big bodies, big everything, but small minds. NAGRAT most of the time is on demonstrations left, right and centre; in a form of strikes with a lot of people supporting you night and day, and this is the garbage you spew?

“I am so angry that I have no respect for NAGRAT until this idiot is taken out…this is a man we used to have some respect for, but his recent utterances have exposed him as a man with no brains.”

Reggie Rockstone cuts link with alma mater

Reggie Rockstone who is a former student of Achimota was quoted by Accra-based Starr FM as saying emotional as it sounded, he did not want to have anythimg to do with the school due to the impasse.

“Everything to do with Motown is on pause with me. Don’t call me for anything, don’t call me for no year group. I like to go where I am welcome.”

His wife, Zilla Limann who is also an old student of Achimota stressed that “Motown is now no-town.”


Stonebwoy’s short-lived joy

When the GES reportedly directed Achimota School to admit the two Rastafarian students days after the incident was reported, musician Stonebwoy took to social media to hail the GES for its proactivity on the matter.

Before that, he had posted a rhetorical tweet on March 20 which read as follows: “May I please ask, what harm does it cause a school from admitting students because of their lifestyle as Rastafarians?”

Ras Kuuku’s tirade

Another musician Ras Kuuku expressed anger at Achimota School, raining curses on the institution and classing their action as ‘discriminatory.’

“This is the highest form of discrimination in recent times and I am shocked it is happening. God’s wrath will visit Achimota School if they fail to allow the students into the school,” he said on a local radio station, Angel FM, on March 26.

Ras Mubarak’s continuous advocacy

Former Member of Parliament of Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak, has also been vociferous about the issue since day one.

Though currently without dreads, he has in recent interviews spoken about how he got and lost his locks over the years.

Speaking on Metro TV’s Inside Pages show, the former MP spoke about the need for education on the issues of Rastafarianism because most Ghanaians were unnecessarily discriminatory on their affairs.

“A lot of misconceptions about dreadlocks stems out of ignorance. People should be enlightened,” he stressed.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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