AfricaWeb, Age Africa Agency to offer special packages for YouTube content creators

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Sat, 26 Nov 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Editor-in-chief at AfricaWeb, Ismail Akwei has urged content creators in the country to take advantage of the GhanaWeb Reporter to earn special benefits and offers especially from the YouTube network.

He explained that content creators will be provided the opportunity to join the Age Africa Agency's MCN which is co-sponsoring the second edition of the YouTube Creators Festival taking place from November 24 to 26, 2022, in Accra, Ghana.

The festival is an independent convention of all content creators across the country to engage, educate and inspire the global YouTube community.

Ismail Akwei speaking at the event on November 25, 2022 said content creators stand the chance of gaining access to GhanaWeb's resources to create impactful content and get their channel's growth and monetization managed professionally.

“AfricaWeb’s partnership with Age Africa Agency will offer the ease of sharing YouTube videos to a dedicated blog on the GhanaWeb Reporter. Content creators will not need to have 1,000 subscribers to earn revenue…all they will need to do is share their videos and content to their own blog on the Reporter to start earning money and grow their audience”

“The GhanaWeb Reporter platform will also provide content creators views on their YouTube channels and this is done simultaneously while it counts on both the blog and their respective YouTube channels to promote and market content at the same time” he added.

Touching on other benefits of using the GhanaWeb Reporter, Ismail Akwei said, “content creators can attract a unique audience and also make savings on unique and domain cost especially for creators who embed content on their websites because the blog on the GhanaWeb Reporter will offer that service and cut cost.”

He further said the GhanaWeb Reporter will help content creators to get free publicity, promotion and build credibility online as posts will be indexed by Google.

“AfricaWeb’s partnership with Age Africa will offer YouTubers access to a VIP reporter account and also a dedicated GhanaWeb TV page which provides a window to distribute their content. Content creators will also be provided access to GhanaWeb’s studio, publishing tools, resources and direct advertising opportunities through ad-stitching to increase income, marketing and promotion avenues," Ismail Akwei explained.

Ismail Akwei is the editor-in-chief at AfricaWeb, a company that democratizes news and information through its online news platforms in Sub-Saharan Africa including GhanaWeb.com, CamerounWeb.com, MyNigeria.com and TanzaniaWeb.com.

Ismail is among a number of speakers at the second edition of the YouTube Creators Festival that will bring all content creators across the region to engage, educate and inspire in the global YouTube community.

The conference will be climaxed with the Creators Awards night and Concert, which will recognize hard-working and influential content creators in Ghana. The festival is powered by Entamoty With several local and international partners.

Age Africa Agency as a YouTube MCN has introduced diverse content onto GhanaWeb TV and that has increased the Ad inventory available to GhanaWeb and also generated direct advertising revenue for the channels they manage. It is a win-win cooperation for all parties involved (GhanaWeb TV, Age Africa Agency and the content creator).

The obvious opportunity for YouTube creators in Ghana is to join the Age Africa Agency's MCN and get access to GhanaWeb's resources to create impactful content and get their channel's growth and monetization managed professionally.

By joining the Age Africa Agency, content creators benefit from partner management, digital rights management, and sales and audience development.

Age Africa Agency in partnership with GhanaWeb will get advertisers to pay for services including overlay adverts, product placement and in-show sponsorships on the creator's content. They are also assured of 4 streams of revenue: programmatic revenue, direct revenue, native revenue and revenue from third-party uploads.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com