General News Mon, 26 Apr 1999

African - Asian lawyers to fight against poverty

Accra (Greater Accra), 26th April ?99 -

Participants at the 38th Session of the Asian-African Consultative Committee meeting which ended in Accra on Friday, have resolved to co-operate with the United Nations and other international bodies to ensure peace and the alleviation of poverty.

In a resolution, they commended efforts to find a solution to the Middle East crisis based on UN Security Council resolutions on "land for peace" and legitimate rights of Palestinians.

"Mindful of the difficulties being faced in the implementation of tenets of the peace process, AALCC expresses hope that a just and durable solution will allow Palestinian people to attain their legitimate rights".

They took note of the difficulties migrant workers face and the need to protect their basic human rights and requested its secretariat to convene an "Open Ended Working Group" to consider the issue.


The session recognised the importance of consultations between member states on the status and treatment of Refugees and asked member states to submit comments on the matter relating to Asia and Africa.

It urged member states to consider ratifying the statute on the establishment of an International Criminal Court, which will be open for signature at the UN headquarters from December 31, 2000.

The resolution acknowledged the growing importance of global electronic commerce and the expertise developed within the UN and other international organisations concerned with international trade law.

It therefore urged member states to consider adopting, ratifying or acceding to the instruments prepared by the UN Commission on International Trade Law.

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