General News Fri, 15 Jan 1999

African Renaissance Mission poised for the millennium

Accra (Greater Accra), 15 Jan. '99 - The African Renaissance Mission (Afrikania) today said it is reforming the religion to meet the challenges of the new millennium. It said a five-year target it set itself in 1995 has led to the re-awakening and mobilisation of "the confused, disillusioned and frightened Africans to boldly repossess what belongs to them". In an interview in Accra, Osofo Kofi Ameve, Leader of Afrikania, said having brought the various traditional beliefs under one umbrella, the next step is to redefine their philosophies and redirect them to meet the anxieties of the present generation. "This gradual and continuous process will be done in consultation with traditional authorities and priests through committees to be established at palaces and shrines." He said it is after the reformation process that attempts will be made to propagate the religion to other parts of the world to project the African personality. Osofo Ameve said other religious beliefs in the world appear to be acceptable because they have been reformed to meet changes "which for a long time now has been denied the African religion. "Religion projects the dignity and personality of a people. So spreading Afrikania abroad will restore to the African the dignity he has been deprived of for a long time. "This is one thing African intellectuals have failed to see and do. International help will not help in this reform process". Osofo Ameve said MPs could help by getting in touch with traditional authorities in their constituencies instead of approaching the issue "from outside". He said the open declaration by some MPs that they are Christians is an affront to followers of other religious sects who voted for them.


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