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Age is not important in governance, experience is – Tony Blair

Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has shot down arguments that Africa needs to set a limit to the term of office for its leaders and determine the age range at which people can become President.

According to him, age isn’t important in governance but experience is key to be effective as a leader.

He emphasised that, the will of the people should be made paramount, therefore whoever the citizens wish to lead them as President should be allowed to lead.

The former PM noted that despite the fact that youthful Leaders are more energetic, its essential that Africans choose the best people as Presidents.

“I actually think you should elect the best person whether they are younger or older. With youth can come vigour but with it should be experience. The best is to have vigour and experience. I don’t favour the age limit, i favour the right of the people to decide and they should decide on the basis of the best person, whatever their age, whatever their gender.”

Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997 and was leader of United Kingdom at the age of 44years. He was prime Minister for a decade.


Even though he became Prime Minister at a relatively young age, Tony Blair said he isn’t keen on the age factor in leadership.

He is in the country upon the invitation of Think Tank, Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

He made the remarks during a media session after a lecture he delivered at the Ambassador Birgit Storgaard Dialogue Centre, IEA, in Accra on the theme “Governance and Development in Africa”.

Since leaving office in 2007, he has used his African Governance Institute (AGI) to support and improve governance on the continent.

He also indicated his preparedness to help Ghana overcome its challenge and help in her development.

Source: GhanaWeb
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