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Ahwoi’s book: Rawlings was heartbroken over NDC’s silence - Dela Coffie

JJ Rawlings Face2face Rawlings died at age 73

Wed, 25 Nov 2020 Source:

It has been revealed that in his last days, former President Jerry John Rawlings was filled with grief and anger over happenings within the NDC.

It is being said that Rawlings felt betrayed by the NDC over their silence on a book by Professor Kwamena Ahwoi which sought to ‘desecrate his legacies’.

Rawlings was heartbroken and shattered that the party which he founded could not step up to his defence when a ‘bile and callous’ attack was directed at him by Kwamena Ahwoi.

“I sat in front of Papa a few days leading up to his demise and he made it clear to me that he was extremely heartbroken that neither the leadership of the NDC nor the executives had made any statements in defence of him nor to correct the lies Kwamena Ahwoi published in his so-called memoir”, Dela Coffie, a member of the NDC and a close associate of Rawlings stated in a Facebook post.

If Rawlings had won the battle against the sickness that sent him to The Cardiothoracic Unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, one of his immediate assignments would have been to expose certain persons who he thinks have a ‘callous’ agenda against him and the NDC.

Dela Coffie says that the vow was made to him by Rawlings in a conversation a few days before his demise.

Rawlings allegedly told Dela Coffie that “we must soon deal with the callous agenda of bile by the likes of Kwamena Ahwoi and the current leadership who are feigning ignorance of the happenings around them”.

“The NDC could, should and has survived on the authority of the word but if care is not taken, it will collapse and drown as has been happening, on the word of those in authority."

Why is Dela Coffie angry?

Dela Coffie’s lamentations stem from what he claims to be the ‘hypocrisy and double standards’ of some members of the NDC.

He is angry that the very people who betrayed Rawlings are now claiming to love him and shedding tears over his death

Like the NDP, Dela Coffie thinks the NDC want to use the death of Rawlings for their political gain.

“Some NDC politicians just don’t get it and they never will in their bubble of privilege. As a matter of fact, their hypocrisy and double standard stink to high heaven. These guys never cared about President Rawlings when he was alive. They berated him throughout the 8 years the NDC was in power. They recruited puppets to talk back at him. They insulted and humiliated him publicly. They were never at peace with him while he was alive and suddenly after his demise, they're doing everything possible to profit from his death and even pretending to be making peace with his corpse”.

“These same people who publicly vilified Rawlings have rediscovered a new voice proclaiming themselves to be the true adherents of his ideals. If you couldn't make peace with him while he was alive, how do you possibly think you can make peace with his corpse?”, he quizzed.

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