General News Mon, 19 Nov 2001

Akufo-Addo Apologises Over Selormey Case?

The Independent, an Accra private newspaper, reports that Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Nana Akufo-Addo has apologised to the President and the entire Cabinet for dropping one of the charges against Mr. Victor Selormey who is being tried by the Fast Truck Court.

The A-G who was reached by a radio station in the capital this morning said he just returned from a trip overseas and needed time to read the news as published by the Independent before making any comments.

Selormey was charged for allegedly buying a car he ordered from the United States, which was overvalued by 7,000 dollars. The deputy minister has since paid the amount, hence the A-G’s decision to drop the case.

The paper says, “credible information emanating from our Castle sources indicate at an earlier Cabinet meeting, president Kufuor had put the issue of whether government should accept the offer by Dr. Robert Dodoo, former head of the Civil Service to pay for the cost of a lift that was to have been installed at the office of the Civil Service or put him on trial.

Most cabinet members, The Independent was told, did not favour the option of allowing Dr. Dodoo to pay for the use of the lift, said to be about 70 million cedis. Rather, they opted for a trial of Dr. Dodoo on the grounds that even their former colleague, Mallam Isa is doing time at Nsawam for his indiscretion n handling money.


Weeks after that, cabinet was shocked to read from the media that the A-G had left Selormey off the hook on a second charge involving the acquisition of a vehicle.

According to sources, not even the President was informed before the withdrawal of the charge, which was effected by Director of State Prosecution, Mr. Osafo Sampong. Thus, at a subsequent cabinet meeting, most cabinet members expressed their displeasure with the way Nana Akufo-Addo handled with the withdrawal, which fuelled speculation among sections of National Democratic Congress (NDC) fanatics who were quick to jump to the conclusion that government has realised that it had no case against Selormey.

“The crest-fallen Nana Addo who is known for his legendary grit then had no option than to apologise profusely to his colleagues and the President for the faux pas,” the paper said.

Early last week, sections of the media reported of the displeasure of the state security apparatus with the A-Gs decision to file the nolle prosequoi against Selormey on the second charge because they were reported to have spent large sums of money in establishing the prima facie against Selormey on the acquisition of the vehicle.

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