Akufo-Addo, Buhari and Trump will be one-term Presidents - Islamic cleric

Buhari And Nana According to the cleric, all of Buhari's 'cancer' colleagues will suffer the same faith

Fri, 26 May 2017 Source: peacefmonline.com

Islamic cleric, numerologist, philosopher and acclaimed spiritual hacker Mallam Sham Una Ustaz Jibril who accurately predicted Nigerian President Buhari, Presidents Nana Addo and Donald Trump's victory with percentages and decimals in the 2015/2016 elections respectively has predicted that President Buhari will be a one-term President.

Critics might say the health condition of President Buhari might have informed the prediction, nonetheless, this prediction was made during an interview with an American based radio station where the Islamic Cleric said: "Trump will win Hillary Clinton based on the fact that he is a triplet Siamese twins of Buhari and Nana addo respectively".

By then Buhari's health condition was encouraging (click YouTube on the topic " I warn Clinton of Russian hacker's...hausa version)

However, his tenure of office as a one-term President will be based on the following:

- Either he will resign, coup d'etat or will lose the election.

One would think that it is because of Buhari ill health that will lead to the end of tenure but rather his Star in the spirit cannot exceed 2020 as his political career.

All his "cancer" colleagues will suffer the same faith.

President Nana Addo and the US President Donald Trump must pray for Buhari to escape this wrath if not they will be affected in one way or the other because they have the same star and also share the same spiritual destiny, but Buhari's own determines the outcome of their political career.

Spiritually, we describe them as Triplet Siamese twins as discussed on Good Evening Ghana.

Beyond this, as to whether the parties they belong to will emerge winners or losers in the coming elections(2019/2020) will be the next topic for discussion.

In conclusion, if Buhari happens to be a one-term President, Nana Addo and Donald trump will experience the same Faith.

Allah knows Best.

Source: peacefmonline.com
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