General News Wed, 8 May 2019

Alarming! Odaw storm drain crumbling, putting residents at risk

Residents feel unsaved as the rainy season sets in.

Portions of the Odaw storm drain that caved in nine years ago as a result of downpour has worsened.

Residents along the shoulders of the drain risk being displaced with the next heavy rains.

In December 2001, construction works on the Odaw drain was completed after ex-president Kufour’s government secured a world bank funding for the project.

This was intended to curb perennial flooding in some worse affected parts of the capital including Alajo and Avenor.

A decade on, portions of the drain at Achimota Abofu behind the GH Media school caved in and has now deteriorated after authorities became adamant to reconstruct it.

Recent rains have caused more devastation in the area. Houses have been eroded while GH Media school has had portion of its fence broken.

Residents feel unsaved as the rainy season sets in.

The pictures below tell what a disaster in waiting the storm drain has become:

Source: 3news.com