General News Fri, 30 Nov 2012

Allotey Jacobs grabs two sweet mansions; pays $125,000 for land

The late President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills once condemned people who amass wealth with in short periods of getting into political office and getting access to state power, but it would seem that has not stopped one of his closest friends and aides from doing quite well for himself.

Mr Bernard Allotey Jacobs, popularly known as the Educated Fisherman, who is one of the key members of the NDC’s Communications Team and who sat on the board of the Electricity Company of Ghana for nearly three years, is doing quite well since his party came to power.

Formerly virtually impoverished, he has, since the few years that his party has been in power, become the proud owner of two wonderful and luxurious mansions. One is at Darkuman Nymekye in Ablekua North Constituency of the Greater Accra Region and the other is near completion at Tesano, behind the former Ghana Telecom University, which is now known as University of Technology.

It is important to note that even in the early days of the NDC administration, Mr. Allotey Jacobs had to sometimes beg the Central Regional Minister, Ama Benyiwa-Doe for Transportation or keep his pride and walk back to wherever he came from.

As a person who lived a sub-standard life, nobody thought he could have such good taste for luxurious mansions and cars as he is exhibiting today. He was indeed waiting for the right time to show the good people of Ghana that he is a fisherman with taste for quality and beauty.

The building at Tesano is the mega of the two he has managed to acquire so far since the NDC took office in 2009 as far as the Daily Searchlight can ascertain. The land on which Allotey Jacobs’s executive mansion stands originally had a four-bedroom self-contained mansion.


He bought the land and the property for a whopping sum of $125,000.00 from Mr and Mrs Agyemang who are based in Germany through an estate agent. Surprisingly, Mr Allotey Jacobs did not find the four bedroom house befitting his status as a board member of the ECG and a member of government’s communication team.

He pulled the building down and the new storey edifice on land is one that every rich man would yearn for.

The building is one beyond description with words. In short, the plan and beauty of the building is just stunning.

The other one at Darkuman Nyamekye comes with a class of its own. It is not a storey building but has a rooftop balcony with all the decorations and beautifications it need.

That notwithstanding, Mr Allotey Jacobs now rides in a number of plush vehicles with the major one being the army green colored Toyota V8 Land Cruiser with registration number GW 481910. He is also the proud owner of a very durable pickup.

Source: Daily Searchlight Newspaper