General News Sun, 4 Nov 2001

Ama Busia Snubs NPP Govt. ?

President J A Kufuor's First nominee for the position of Deputy Minister for Local Government and rural Development has for the first time given a public explanation on why she could not take up the position . The decision by Prof Busia (in picture left) who is the daughter of the late Dr K A Busia, seemingly dealt a big blow to the Kufuor administration when she failed to show up to take up the post, especially so when the Kufuor Administration traces its origins from her late father.

In an interview with JOY-FM, Prof Busia indicated that although she felt privileged and honoured to have been nominated , she could not immediately make herself available because of the short notice within which she had to decide.

She emphasized that her decision was not a reluctance to serve her Country. The NPP Government has come under a barrage of criticisms for what most people perceive as the administrative lapses in the running of the Country. But To this Professor Busia says “this is nothing new considering that the Party had been in opposition for over 30 years.


Source: Joy Online