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Amidu Should Name Names -FGJ

Press Statement: Ag Martin Amidu Should Name Names In The National Interest

January 17th, 2012

The Forum for Governance and Justice (FGJ) wishes to urge the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Ghana, Martin Amidu, to name names in relation to claims he made in a recent press statement suggesting that he knows a colleague Minister as well as “hardcore criminals” working against the interest of the state.

As an organisation whose mission is to promote and protect the right of the citizenry to justice and to improve governance in Ghana, the Forum has no choice but to implore the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Ghana to initiate the processes needed to prosecute all who have committed crimes and/or are working to cover up crimes (small, big, huge, or gigantic) against the good people of Ghana.


It is the position of the Forum that as the Chief Prosecutor of the State, the Attorney General can and should enhance the fight against corruption and criminality by revealing the nature of the gargantuan crimes he noted in his statement as well as the identity of the colleague Minister of State, who perceived that his integrity and professionalism as a lawyer was a threat to the concealment of gargantuan crimes against the people of Ghana in which the unnamed Minister might be implicated.

The Forum further wishes to implore the Attorney General to expose and prosecute the ”hard core criminals” in our society who have made it a habit to hold paid membership cards of major political parties in the republic as an unconstitutional insurance against crime and criminal prosecutions.

In conclusion, the Forum fully associates itself with earlier comments made by the General Secretary of the PNC, Bernard Monarh, that the Attorney General owes it as a duty to Ghanaians to disclose the identity of the said Minister and hardcore criminals. .

Signed Dr. Clement A. Apaak Convener, Forum for Governance and Justice - Ghana 020 011 7620

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