Business News Tue, 30 Apr 2019

Amplified Ghana embarks on feed demonstration to boost poultry production

As part of the effort to help to improve poultry production, Amplified Ghana has embarked on series of demonstrations to teach poultry farmers the right feeding methods in order to reduce cost and make maximum profit.

In an interview with AgricToday at the demonstration grounds at Gbawe in Accra, the field and monitoring officer for the Gt. Accra Region, Mr. Alex Danso said most poultry farmers are unable to produce enough eggs and birds due to the lack of knowledge on the appropriate feeding practices.

‘We want to support poultry farmers on how to feed the birds according to the genetics of the bird. When the right feed is given to the birds you will have the right result because broilers are produced within the shortest possible time’, he said.

According to him, not only will the farmers be able to produce more broilers, but the percentage of layers would also improve. To him, some of the farmers who hitherto were spending about Gh.30.00 to produce one fowl after learning the right methods spent only about Gh.15.00 to produce one fowl. Again, those who were using nine weeks for production are now using about six weeks for production. These factors can compel them to reduce their prices as result of the low cost of production.

Mr. Danso therefore appealed to all poultry farmers to be part of the organization in order to benefit from the immense assistance provided to poultry farmers.

The project manager for the country, Dr. Kankam Boadu in an interview also said importation of foreign birds into the country are greatly going to reduce if farmers are abreast of current methods of feeding the birds and the type of breeds.

He noted “if farmers know how to feed their fowls, it will reduce cost of production and prices will automatically reduce which will enable each and every Ghanaian buy a fowl and help in the reduction of import”.

Dr. Boadu further indicated that knowing the type of feed to be provided to the broilers at every stage of their lives will help the farmers make a lot of profit and also boost poultry production in the country.

Amplified Ghana project which can be found in the Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Accra is sponsored by the United state Department of Agriculture. (USDA).

The third edition which was held at Gbawe and Shai hills on separate occasions brought together soya beans farmers, maize producers and poultry farmers.

Source: agrictoday.com.gh