Anaji SSNIT residents give EKMA 2-month ultimatum to repair roads

Bad Roads Mr Kangainset Speaking At The Meeting Mr Kanga speaking at the meeting

Wed, 5 May 2021 Source: www.ghanaiantimes.com.gh

Anaji SSNIT Residents Association in the Effia-Kwesiminstim municipality of the Western Region have given the Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly (EKMA) a two-month ultimatum to repair bad roads in the municipality else they would hold a protest meeting.

They maintained that they had a just cause and respected law and order, but in the face of the gravity of the situation, “one day, we will be compelled to act in a crude and illegal manner by burning lorry tyres to attract the attention of the public and EKMA.”

The Chairman of the association, Mr Samuel Kangah, raised these concerns on Sunday when he presented the block leaders’ report at a meeting to inaugurate new officers of the association.

Mr Kangah added: “Sadly, in this country, one becomes worse off if he or she wants to follow legitimate procedures in demanding his or her rights. That is why SSNIT community is marginalized because we are enlightened and believe in the law and a just cause.”

He said the Anaji SSNIT community and its environs were full of expectations, especially for infrastructure development when EKMA was separated from STMA, but “we are totally disappointed.”

Mr Kangah mentioned that in the developed world, construction of roads and other infrastructure were considered as service or duty by local government authorities to the taxpayers or citizens.

“However, development projects in Africa have become a political tool used to make taxpayers kowtow to authorities as if we are begging for favour.

“We are worse off and need to shake up. This is totally unacceptable and regrettable. A legitimate duty of a paid officer, which has been neglected here at SSNIT.

Unfulfilled promises upon promises have been made by EKMA and we are still expecting and hoping that SSNIT residents will see the reality of the promises and also get their fair share of the national cake,” he lamented.

He wondered how much the erection of speed humps from Anajicemetery junction to CK Mann junction would cost to save the lives of residents, especially the children, such that the response to their demand had always been “it’s on the drawing board”.

The chairman said he believed that someone had cleaned off their requests for the humps, hence EKMA has forgotten about them.

He also expressed worry about the grazing of cattle within the community and invasion of goats and sheep of the compounds, adding that the fight against cattle owners, who had the backing of powerful people, had not been easy.

Mr Kangah thanked EKMA for reversing unacceptable increases in property rates which were imposed in 2018 after serious negotiations with the Chief Executive and his team.

He described it as sad the attitude of residents who had failed to pay monthly dues of GHC10.00 for street lights for security, expressing disappointment that some persons had insulted block leaders over the collection of monies.

The work of block leaders, he said, was purely sacrificial, so they needed commendation and not condemnation, saying, “I share in their woes and pains and disappointments.”

The constitution and election of officers, Mr Kangah stated, were now in place to promote a successful and democratic association.

“The association is non-partisan, non-sectarian and seeks to promote the interests of all residents of the community to improve their living conditions, environment, security and safety of members in partnership with EKMA and other agencies,” he said.

The Assemblymember for Anaji West, John Davies, applauded the sacrifices of the leaders of the association and appealed to residents to honour their financial obligations and support.

The new officers for the association included  Samuel Kanga as chairman, Abakah Gabriel, Vice Chairman, Grace Bonney, Secretary, Kate Mensah, Assistant Secretary, James Taah, Financial Secretary and John Kwabena Addo, Organizer.

Source: www.ghanaiantimes.com.gh
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