General News Thu, 5 Apr 2001

Apraku terrorises workers of Trade Ministry

The private-owned bi-weekly, 'The Independent' says with only four months into the new administration, there is a sudden lull in the performance of workers of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The refrain now is "consolidate yourself before thinking about your routine assignments".

Others too who have been affected by the reign of terror being pursued by the new sector minister, are resigned to their fate: "it's now been established that it's a curse to have accepted a job under the old NDC regime".

In-depth investigations at the premises of the Ministry confirmed that what started as mere rumours of computer analysts, administrative officers, messengers, drivers and cleaners being relieved of their duties indeed have basis in truth. One of the affected staff - Mrs E. Shaw-Smith, a Management Systems Analyst in the Gateway Secretariat has since the termination of her appointment on the 20th of March 2001, petitioned the Commissioner of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ).


In the said petition copied to the office of the president and Chief of Staff, Mrs. Shaw said she wants the Minister to explain to her exactly why her appointment was terminated. "I do not feel that it is the Minister's prerogative to terminate my appointment without an explanation", the statement further explained.

"I would like the Minister to take note that when I packed up and left the United States for Ghana, it was to assist the country regardless of what administration was in power. If this current administration feels that my services are no longer needed, then I will take them elsewhere. Please take note that the President has been advocating for Ghanaians overseas to come back home.

With this sort of track record I do not think I will advise any of my friends to come back home", part of the petition read. The Independent further discovered that almost every department of the Ministry is affected by the so-called restructuring as stated by the chief Director, Mr. Dalrymple- Hayfron.

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