Aspirants Sprayed With Cocaine

Fri, 1 Sep 2006 Source: Ghanaian Voice

Even before the nation could go to sleep on the cocaine scandal that has engulfed the country, the electorate of Kwaotsuru electoral area at Accra New Town have been hit with yet another reported cocaine scandal making rounds against some aspirants for the position of Assembly making member.

Two assembly aspirants, Malam Amidu, alias Commander, who is the incumbent and Nii Addiy Okine, alias Sir Bonny have been accused by a section of the youth for allegedly engaging in narcotic related activity. The two have consistently denied the allegations at various gatherings with the electorate, but admitted that the reports were denting their reputation and could impact negatively on their electoral chances.

A third aspirant and only female in the area for the Kwaotsuru electoral seat, Hajia Daimata Sulemana, is believed to have taken advantage of the drug related scandal against his two opponents. Her followers have capitalized on the issue to convince the electorate as to why the two narcotics related suspects should not be entertained and voted to represent the electoral area.

According to the youth making the report, the incumbent, Mallam Amidu, alias Commander is always seen at the Accra New Town Timber market among suspected drug peddlers. The timber market is a known den where dealers of illicit drugs gather to engage in their nefarious activities and once the incumbent assemblyman frequents the place under the cover of darkness, it is enough evidence of his links with the dealers.

Mallam Amidu has consistently denied the reports, which seem to be gaining some measure of popularity with each passing day. “No vote for cocaine dealers” has been the slogan coined by a section of the youth in reference to the two aspirants suspected to have in one way or another links with drug peddlers. Nii Addy Okine, alias Sir Bonny, on the other hand, is reported by the rumour mongering mill to have at one time in his life peddled Indian Hemp in the Accra New Town vicinity before sojourning abroad.

He has also denied ever peddling illicit drugs but the youth insist he is a well-known face when it comes to known ‘pushers’ as drug peddlers are referred to in the vicinity. Sir Bonney has also set his campaign machine in motion, going from house to house to debunk the reports as rumours aimed at denting his electoral chances. Meanwhile information reaching the Ghanaian Voice indicates that the reports linking the two aspirants to narcotic dealings seems to be gaining grounds as some of the electorate from their own statements believe the reports to be true.

“As for Commander, we all know him. He is always seen among the pushers at the timber market,” stated one of the youth in a chat with this paper.

Source: Ghanaian Voice