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Atomic Junction explosion is a punishment from God - Prophet Kwabena Tawiah

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Following last Saturday's gas explosion at Atomic Junction in Accra, Ghanaians have been wondering why such incidents have been occurring frequently in recent times.

Being the eighth such an explosion in the last three years, many have questioned why authorities have not been able to enforce strict adherence to the safety rules guiding the operation of such businesses.

While we are it, founder and leader of Church of Rabbi, Prophet Kwabena Tawiah is claiming that the cause of the incidents is not physical.

According to him, the disasters are punishments from God who is angry because of the occultic ways of politicians in the country. Saturday's explosion claimed seven lives and injured dozens of people.

Speaking in an interview on KOFI TV, he warned of more such fire incidents as a result of the wickedness of those politicians.

“Ghana should expect more fire outbreaks and gas explosions. I know innocent lives have been lost as a result but God has revealed to me that there would be more fire because of the wicked political leaders we have in this country.

“They rob us and use the monies for big mansions and even fuel stations but I can assure you that the fire outbreaks which will soon be experiencing will destroy their properties and mansions and kill these wicked politicians for stealing from us” he warned.

He however entreated Ghanaians to pray ceaselessly to avert any such disasters.

Below is a video of the interview:

Source: yen.com.gh
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