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Attack on Parliament: Respect is earned; watch yourself first - George Loh tells MPs

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Parliament has a responsibility to protect its dignity and integrity, Former Member of Parliament for North Dayi and Private Legal Practitioner, George Loh has said, charging Members of the legislative arm of government to be ‘honorable’ enough to earn dignity from the general public.

George Loh who was contributing to a discussion on Sidney Casely-Hayford’s 'insulting' comments on Parliament argued that, the dishonourable actions perpetrated by some “honorable” members have affected the image of the law making chamber causing people to lose faith in them.

“Parliament should watch itself. It has a responsibility to protect its own integrity and dignity. As a member of parliament you own yourself and the chamber a responsibility in the public domain. Members of parliament on daily basis must be mindful of the fact that the society expects dignity from them.” He remarked.

“We say respect is earn, so parliamentarians should desist from peddling falsehood on especially on social media and expect society and civil services to the adorn them with respect”, Mr. Loh argues, adding that extension of the word ‘honorable’ to MPs in the public domain implies that society dignifies lawmakers.


“If you are a parliamentarians roaming on social media lying, people will haul you. The extension of the word honorable to you in the public space which is not supposed to be so is because people think in that institution you have acquired some dignity which you must uphold at all times. And indeed your oath of office entreats you to be honorable”

Ghana’s Parliament the past few months has been hit with lot of ‘shameful’ allegations including the bribery allegation implicating Mr. Ayariga alleging that the Chairman of the Appointments Committee served as a courier for the bribe money which was given to him for onward disbursement.

The most recent bribery allegation is against Members of the Finance Committee of Parliament in the 6th Parliament, where the Head of Legal Department at the National Lottery Authority (NLA), Mr David Lamptey according to a Joy FM report in 2016 requested then Director General, Brigadier General Martin Ahiaglo (Rtd.) to authorize the release of ?150,000 to facilitate the passage of the amendments in Act 722.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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