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Attorney General must substantiate allegations -NUGS


The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) is frightened, astonished, and taken aback about the disbelieving information churned out in the recent press statement of the Attorney General of the Republic of Ghana, Hon. Martin Amidu, which borders on probable misdemeanor and attack on freedom of speech, which mutually have undesirable consequences on Ghana’s democratic system. NUGS is extremely alarmed that the Attorney General concedes in his press statement that he refused to condone and conceal “gargantuan crimes” allegedly committed against the state and yet failed to provide the name(s) of the people involved in committing such enormous crimes. Consequently, NUGS refuses to join all those applauding the Attorney General for his supposedly boldness in releasing such a press statement since we find it highly disappointing and irresponsible that the Attorney General’s statement is deficient of naming, shaming and taking actions that will prosecute the said Minister of State and co-conspirators or collaborators in order to bring justice to the good people of Ghana. NUGS is also exceptionally apprehensive about certain portions of the Attorney General’s press statement which alludes to the impression that certain unscrupulous people in or society are making threats on his life. The right to life is an inalienable right guaranteed under the Constitution of Ghana and as such, NUGS wishes to condemn unequivocally all persons who have allegedly made threats on the safety of the Attorney General. We are of the view that in such a democratic dispensation, it is both desirable and proper to resort to civil discourse even when you disagree with others’ opinion, rather than resorting to such cowardly acts of threats on the life and safety of public officials.

In the light of the seriousness of the allegations raised in the press statement by the Attorney General, NUGS wishes to state as follows: 1. That within seventy-two (72) hours, the Attorney General, Hon. Martin Amidu must, as a duty he owes Ghanaians;

a. Reveal the identity of the Minister of State he alleges leaked official documents from his office and also paying pro-government newspapers to publicize negative stories about him because the said Minister feels threatened by his (Attorney General’s) apparent refusal to conceal gargantuan crimes against the people of Ghana.

b. Name the criminals in our society who are holding membership cards of major political parties as an unconstitutional insurance against crime and criminal prosecutions. Anything short of the above demands, NUGS would rally its constituents who are ready and on standby, to march to the office of the Attorney General to prevent him from entering his office until he provides the name of the said Minister of State and the coconspirators or collaborators. 2. NUGS also wishes to send a strong caution to His Excellency President John Atta Mills to quickly institute an investigation into the alleged criminal acts of some of his appointees and bring those found guilty to book. This action would not only be in line with the NDC government’s much touted principles of Probity and Accountability, but it would also show the President’s avowed commitment or otherwise to fighting corruption.

3. As a result, His Excellency the President must not hurriedly relieve the Attorney General of his position, as others are clamouring for; but the President must provide the with all the security he needs to safe guard his personal safety, even as he (the Attorney General) complies with the demands of Ghanaians to name and shame the supposed criminally minded Minister of State.


Meanwhile, NUGS would in the coming days, watch with devoted attention how government and the Attorney-General deals with the emerging and potentially “cancerous” issues from the press statement of the Attorney General. As the largest organized student Union in Ghana, NUGS would be evaluating what alternatives are accessible and available to us in efficiently and effectively representing and upholding the dreams and aspirations of the people of Ghana whose good senses have been stirred by the Attorney General’s press statement. Finally, we wish to fully assure government that NUGS would stop at absolutely nothing in showing its assertiveness in our democratic dispensation by holding our leaders accountable, and this is a non-negotiable stance.




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