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BBC Pidgin: Ghana Government deny claims say dem turn former lodge into training camp for pro-NPP security group

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Government of Ghana describe as "disingenuous" claims say some pro-NPP security group dey operate for former Presidential lodge, Osu Castle.

Dem say contrary to claims say private militia dey operate for Osu Castle, de whole investigation only show young men den women who dey wear white shirt den black suits.

Information minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah talk for letter wey dem write to radio station JoyNews say "what dem do be deliberate attempt to make de president look bad."

Dem san explain say although e be true say some people train for de Osu Castle, dem no be government related, as di man wey dey lead de team use office facility for en private business.

Dis reaction dey follow claims by Accra-based Multimedia Group Limited say some private security people, De-Eye Group dey train for Osu Castle, which be former seat of government.

De video dey show hundreds of young men den women who dey wear black suits den white shirts gather for Osu Castle dey go through small drills.

De-Eye Group according Accra-based JoyNews who publish am, dey operate for de former seat of government for like 2 years now, wey dem get connection to de ruling government.

Opinions make divided about why government go allow make militia people operate from key national facility like Osu Castle.

Former President John Mahama bash government for en twitter handle say:

"Watched a harrowing expose of how the Osu Castle, until 2013 the office ofthe President, now used as an Annex, has become the HQ & training camp of a private militia wing of the NPP & @NAkufoAddo. Clearly, this admin has produced enough paint to paint the whole nation black."

Some Ghanaians however feel say de investigation no dey carry water sake of de supposed militia group saf dey wear suit, dem no carry gun, so how dem fit be militia. But for others, de fact say government go fit allow make private militia operate for key national facility like dat be worrying.

Despite de shock wey some express, other feel say dem exaggerate de matter as dem dey use de word militia take scare people.

Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah talk management of JoyNews say dema so called "undercover investigation" dey fall short of dema own standards.

Source: bbc.com
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